Analyze wmbus or mbus telegrams using wmbusmeters.

Source code

The wmbusmeters software acquires utility meter readings through wmbus or plain mbus.
The readings can then be published using MQTT, curled to a REST api,
inserted into a database or stored in a log file. Wiki

This service is identical to running locally: wmbusmeters --analyze=<driver>:<key> <hex>

Decryption key: (Logged telegrams by wmbusmeters are usually already decrypted.)
  (No cookies are used. Logs are cleared automatically after 1 month.)

Example telegrams:

Water meter 1 (not encrypted)
Water meter 2 (not encrypted)
Water meter 3 (output from --logtelegrams, which is pre-decrypted if you used a key locally)
Water meter 4 (encrypted but no key!)
Water meter 4 (using key)